Zoom Mini USB Powered Himalayan Salt Lamps
Zoom Mini USB Powered Himalayan Salt Lamps

Mini USB Powered Himalayan Salt Lamps


Enhance your decor and wellbeing with our hand crafted Himalayan Salt Lamps.  They are nature's very own air purifier !  

Powered using a computer USB port or a USB wall charger, these Himalayan Salt Lamps, with marble bases, change colour using multi coloured LED bulbs so replacement is not required.  

Through attracting and evaporating moisture in the air, Himalayan Salt Lamps produce and release negatively charged ions into the atmosphere, instantly negating the harmful effects of the positively charged ions (generated by electrical equipment) saturating our home and or work spaces.

Our lamps are made of natural crystal salt sourced from underground salt mines in the foothills of the Himalayas.  


10 Benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps : 

1.Cleanse & Deodorize The Air

2.Reduce Allergy & Asthma Symptoms

3.Eases Coughing

4.Increases Energy Levels

5.Neutralize Electromagnetic Radiation

6.Improves Sleep

7.Improve Mood & Concentration

8.Treats Seasonal Affective Disorder

9.Reduces Static Electricity in the air

10.Environmentally Friendly Light Source


All-Australian certified standard cord and bulbs, quality packaging for delivery and stainless screws for longevity.

No two salt lamps will ever be alike. They contain natural veins, cracks and striations. The colours of the salt crystals will range from light orange to dark red.

Mini USB Powered Himalayan Salt Lamps