Zoom Blue Agate Wind Chime
Zoom Blue Agate Wind Chime

Blue Agate Wind Chime



Make the calm and beautiful sound of music linger through your home or workplace with this beautiful sliced Agate wind chime. Perfect for patio, backyard or on the top of the window sill.

These natural gemstone wind chimes will ring a soothing tone while dancing to the wind. 100% natural raw organic formations mined straight from the earth and cut by hand.


Agate is one of the oldest crystals and according to the Chinese, they believed the Agate crystal provided spiritual protection, it helped make them stay more positive and created space for good luck. 

The meaning of this blue coloured gemstone is calmness. It is very soothing and comforting, and you should look at blue agate like you are looking out into the distance at the still blue seas. 

Blue agate not only helps harmonise your energies but also reduces negative energies, helping you stay relaxed and peaceful. The protection from negative energy is one of the most appealing nature of agate.

As a stone of harmony, agate balances yin/yang energy and helps to enhance creativity and intellect. Its protective properties increase courage and self-confidence which promotes a sense of calm and well-being.

Agate is a stone of strength, and it can help foster some positive attributes, such as:

  • love
  • abundance
  • wealth
  • good luck
  • longevity
  • acceptance
  • courage
  • protection
  • balance
  • harmony
  • generosity
  • strength
  • security
  • appreciation of nature.

All Agate slices have excellent protective and healing energy. 


  • Length of wind chime from top ring to bottom agate slice: Approx 55cm
  • Approx Size of each agate slice: Approx 7.5cm x 4.5cm
  • Number of agate slices in each wind chime: 7 agate slices

These hand made wind chimes are all unique and will bring new energy and positive vibes into any space - indoor or outdoor. 

Blue Agate Wind Chime