Zoom Black Agate Pendulum Board

Black Agate Pendulum Board


Like the Ouija Board, a pendulum board is a divination tool that you use in conjunction with a pendulum. Some spiritual practitioners believe these divination tools can access your spirit guides, deities, loved ones who have passed, and your subconscious. They are very effective for conducting shadow work.

Using a pendulum alone will only give you straightforward answers like yes, no, or maybe. However, using a pendulum board alongside the pendulum can add more depth to your divination work with added words, phrases, and numbers. A pendulum board can assist you in acquiring spiritual direction, connect with your intuition, notice number synchronicities, and energy healing.

Our Solid Black Agate Crystal is associated grounding and protection. It is believed to provide prosperity and courage, and it will help you associate with physical and spiritual planes and ground them in reality. This stone is considered to be a balancing stone that will clean negative energy from your aura, bring in more energy, and joy and peace into your life. If you are very emotional, feel bad, abandoned or angry, black agate will bring you stability and balance with its soothing energy.

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  • Dimensions:  Approx  15cm x 15cm and 10mm thick 
  • Hand engraved 
  • Intuitively chosen for you 
  • 100% Natural, high quality   


Our crystals are 100% natural and genuine. Each crystal is unique and may differ slightly in colour, shape, size or pattern.

We are passionate about who and where our pieces come from.  Our primary goal is to choose gems that can deliver the transformation and healing you seek from them.  To accomplish this, The Crystal Club is highly committed to choosing gemstones not only for their beauty, but also for their therapeutic suitability.  Everything is energy after all !

We have established exceptional relationships with high-quality approved suppliers around the world who only operate ethical and sustainable practices that align with our values. 


The Crystal Club also values integrity and responsibility to the environment around us, committing to compostable, biodegradable and earth friendly packaging to the best of our ability. 

We are also proud to say we source all of our packaging locally in Australia, ensuring our brand’s supply chain has a significantly smaller environmental impact, lowering carbon emissions.

We are always looking for ways to improve and welcome any suggestions!

Black Agate Pendulum Board