Crystal Formations

There are many different Crystal formations and below are a few of the most popular: 


Crystal Generators are 6 sided crystals which meet at a central point.  It is used for promoting clarity and centration. 

Double Terminated

These crystals have a point at each end and are exceptional energy transmitters.  They make popular choices for wands and healing work and promote energy flow.


These crystals are two or more points growing from the same base.  They promote harmony and cooperation through working together.


These crystals have at least one smaller crystal sticking out and penetrating the main body of the crystal.  They act as a bridge between worlds and can help us create a bridge to improve communication and understanding, build bridges of love and bring people together. 

Isis Crystal

These crystals have a main face made up of a five sided pentagon.  They embody the divine feminine power and are full of Goddess, providing inner strength and the ability to overcome obstacles and heal the spirit and emotions and create balance and love.

Elestial Crystals

These crystals are multiple points growing from the same main crystal body.  They represent unity and harmony and help align personal goals.  


These crystals have one large seven-sided face and directly opposite a smaller triangular face.  These crystals promote inner wisdom and inner light and channel energy and information from higher sources. 


These crystals have a perfect triangle with two seven sided faces either side.  The teach us to ask and receive and are excellent for distance healing and manifestation.  

Rainbow Crystal

Rainbow Crystals are crystals with visible rainbows within the crystal structure.  They are  the ultimate expression of joy, happiness and positivity.  They provide a deep healing energy and help with sadness, grief and depression.

Self Healed Crystals

These crystals have been fractured or broken away from their matrix and have continued to grow and heal themselves.  They are excellent for those who feel ‘broken’ because they promote self healing and instil resilience and strength. 


These crystals are believed to be the ‘Old Soul’ to which the younger souls flock.  These promote family and community togetherness, as well as bring comfort at times of loss, reminding us that we are always surrounded by loved ones. 


These crystals resemble a dolphin.  They are identified by a crystal with a smaller crystal attached to the side, not quite big enough to be a Twin or Soulmate but aligned similarly. These crystals represent a fun, playful energetic energy (that of a baby) and it also has a nurturing, protective energy (that of the mother or adult).