Our Story

When I was about to turn 40 and in the prime of my life, I booked a trip with my girlfriends to climb Cradle Mountain in Tasmania, Australia. The week before I was about to depart, I was hit by a car while I was walking my then 5-year-old son into school.

Fortunately, my son survived and was physically unscathed, however I suffered severe whiplash to the right side of my head and I was transported to the spinal ward for testing and had to undergo major surgery to save my arm. With sheer grit and determination, I managed to defy doctors’ predictions and they miraculously pieced my left arm together using a medical titanium plate, 10 screws and bone graft from my hip.

My near-death experience enabled me to experiment with alternative healing remedies, and crystals became an extremely effective and powerful healing tool. They helped me find the stillness and peace I needed within each day to recover, and I am now free from the stress and pain associated with the accident, and have moved towards a healthier, happier and more compassionate existence.

The Crystal Club was founded as a way of helping others, spreading love and positive healing vibes to everyone in need around the world.