Where to place your Crystals in your home ?

If you're looking for a way to improve the mood of a room, while also elevating the design, then crystals should be your go-to. Not only do they have ‘magical powers’ but they are also a great way to decorate a space. 

There’s no denying that crystals are one of the most beautiful ways to dress up any room - they're colourful, soothing and go with almost every decor style. 

Whether you want to build a crystal collection or are only interested in having a few, here is the ultimate guide to styling crystals in the home.


At your front door

First things first, Protection!  Black Tourmaline is cleansing and protective and emits a sort of force field of energy that blocks negativity from entering perfect for the entrance to your home.   I have a large piece of Black Tourmaline at my front entrance.  I've also added a piece of Selenite at every door and window and this is double protection from any bad vibes !   This combo is the best at purging any negativity from your home.  Alternatively, put a piece of each in the four corners of your house to create a ‘grid’ of sorts.


In your living room

There are many crystals you could use in your living room but a few suggestions are: 

Amethyst:  the master of calming and is perfect for a living space as it soothes anxiety and stress.

Hematite:  has beautiful grounding properties and we talk more about this crystal in the bedroom section below.

Amazonite:  is perfect for stress and emotional wellbeing.

Sodalite: is used for calmness and tranquility.

The use of any or all these crystals in your living space will help to create a relaxing living space while promoting positive energy.

A cluster of crystals around the TV can also help absorb electronic energy, particularly the grounding combination of Hematite and Black Tourmaline.


In your bedroom

To amplify love and all the romance vibes in a bedroom you can’t look past Rose Quartz - the ultimate love stone. Manifest unconditional love, including the ability to help forgive and understand, by having Rose Quartz crystals in your room.

Place two pieces of Rose Quartz in your bedroom on the right hand-side, which is the romance corner of your room in Feng Shui. This can help attract a partner or keep the romantic energy in your bedroom for your relationship.

Alternatively to help life your mood, Smoky Quartz, Clear Quartz, Clear Quartz and Lapis Lazuli are the best crystals to use. They are healing crystals that help absorb negative energies and elevate your mind to a more positive place.

Smoky Quartz is said to help absorb negative thought patterns while Clear Quartz works to help with healing, lift your mood and make you feel better — some people even place clear quartz directly on them, such as lying down in bed and placing the crystal on your forehead.

Lapis Lazuli is a deep sapphire blue colour gemstone and stimulates openness and infinite possibilities of the imagination — helping you find your happy place again.


In your kitchen and dining areas

A great crystal for your kitchen and dining area is Calcite as it’s a cleansing crystal that helps fortify the immune system and overall wellbeing.

Clear Quartz, which we mentioned above, is also a popular choice for its cleansing properties.


In your study

Pyrite’s hard-working protective energy will help attract wealth, abundance, and good luck.    It has a physical resemblance to real gold, so place it on your business card, or a specific project or proposal and your Pyrite crystal will infuse its energy into your business or proposal and help amplify the good vibes.


Lastly, one we always encourage Citrine in the back left hand corner of your house.  Traditionally in Feng Shui, it needs to be placed in the ‘wealth’ corner of your home (the southeast corner of your house), but in Western Feng Shui, the far left corner is adequate.


Stand at the front door, looking in. Determine the back left hand corner of the house and place your yellow beauty there.   Citrine embodies and promotes growth and financial success and abundance, though it also acts as a cleanser that counteracts negative energy.