What is the purpose of the positive affirmations in our Crystal Box Sets?


Whether we speak them out loud, repeat them silently in our mind, or write them in our journal, affirmations are POWERFUL.

I am a firm believer that how we speak to ourselves matters. That words have power. That positive thoughts create positive actions, which, in turn, produces positive outcomes.

Simply put: self-talk truly matters. 

Using our words with intention can immediately shift our mood, confidence, and energy — so it’s important to consider how and when to implement them into your life. 

When developing our box sets, we consciously curated intentions that could act as an amazing tool for manifesting your dreams once activated.

So now that you have your affirmation what do you do with it ?

  • Write it out – grab your journal and take a moment to physically write down your affirmation 5 times in a row. I find that writing down positive thoughts a few times over and over creates such a deep connection to the words.
  • Repeat them silently – the best thing about this method is that you can do it anytime, anywhere, because no one will know you’re doing it !
  • Say them out loud – speaking words of truth out loud gives extra power to any words you’re really proclaiming and stating boldly. You could do this when you wake up, when you’re looking in the mirror, on your lunch break, before an interview... 
  • Surround yourself with reminders - whether it’s writing on your mirror or sticking post-it notes around your room, put those words somewhere you’ll see them *every* day. This can be so powerful because it allows you to write words that are relevant to you and seeing them every day will remind you to read them and truly let them soak in.

By taking a moment each day for positive affirmations, we create an opportunity for self-growth, reflection, empowerment, manifestation, and ultimately, a reminder to show up as our best selves !