Selenite: How it will blow your mind !

Selenite is one of my favourite crystals as it is extremely powerful and capable of removing stagnant energies, bringing good luck, cleansing toxic energy, protection from psychic attack and clearing the home and body of negative energies.

Selenite is a very high vibration stone which opens the higher chakras to the spirit and angelic realms, developing spirituality, wisdom and visionary ability.  

Its purity makes it effective for cleansing spaces and creating protective shields around objects or people to repel all negative energy.  It is a stone for peace, alignment, meditation, and understanding one’s purpose. 


So how can you use it? 

In the Living Room:

Your living room is where you spend your free time and entertain guests; so ideally, it should be full of energy and life!  To inspire light and vibrancy in this space, Selenite is the stone that you want to use to uplift its energy.  

It can filter out stale energies, stuck emotions, and general yuck vibes to keep good energy free flowing, which can be especially useful in spaces that see a lot of people passing through.

Place selenite on the windowsill or coffee table and in addition to its energy-clearing abilities, and it will pick up the light beautifully. 


In Meditation :

Selenite is also a stone of mental clarity.  This crown chakra enhancing powerhouse is beneficial for meditation because it helps to clear the mind and relax the body.  Like burning white sage or sprinkling salt, Selenite can help release negative energy and blockages to energetically cleanse your body.

Selenite will help you stay at peace throughout your meditation and can be used for contacting and communication with angels for guidance.


To improve your intuition:

As selenite can open your crown chakra, it brings a lot of goodies with it. Crown chakra activation is also excellent for raising your intuition. You will begin to hear your inner voice and communicate with it. Intuition will also make you see visions about dangers before they happen.  The intuitive ability of Selene Stone is a power that helps you foresee the future and your destiny


To cleanse yourself and others:  

Selenite can cleanse itself. It can cleanse other crystals. It can purify spaces and people too!   It can also be kept anywhere to cleanse that space. Selenite removes negativity from your life. It can also dispel negativity that is aimed at you when you so don’t forget to place a desert rose at the entrance of your home.


To attract good luck : 

When you think of good luck, citrine is the first stone that pops into your mind, right? Do you know selenite can remove obstacles in the way of your wealth and attract financial independence to you? It is one of the special stones that can bring abundance and prosperity into your life. How? Selenite is liquid light. It can dissolve the negativity and hurdles or challenges you are facing in life.


Make sure you surround yourself with this liquid light !