How to choose a crystal that suits you ?

How to choose a crystal that suits you?

Are you new to crystals?  If you have a closer look at all the beauty that Mother Earth produces, you will notice that crystals come in all sorts of shapes and sizes with various healing qualities.

So how do you select a crystal that suits you?  Below are a few of our tips on how to begin your selection:    


  1. Choose a crystal that you feel drawn to.

This is one of our favourite ways because it all comes down to your own intuition!   

Whether you’re in the room with crystals or browsing our online store (, pick one that catches your eye. It might have a message or purpose for you that you don’t even know you need yet!


  1. Choose a crystal based on what you are struggling with.

This struggle might be something physical or on a more energetic level.
For example, Rose Quartz is a great stone if you are going through a time of upheaval or intense stress, whereas Amethyst is thought to aid with headaches and nervous tension.


  1. Choose a crystal based on what you want more of.

For example, if you want more money, choose a crystal that is about abundance and finances like Citrine. If it’s love you want, opt for a stone that is all about attracting love like Rose Quartz.


Need Some further inspiration?  Ask yourself the following questions: 


Are You Introverted?

  • Tiger’s eye gives you the strength to show yourself. 
  • Malachite boosts your ability to take risks and go out exploring.
  • Labradorite removes fears and insecurities, strengthens your faith in yourself and brings perseverance. If your mind is overactive, it calms it while energizing your imagination.


Are You Extroverted?

  • Moonstone calms you down and takes you to a safe place inside yourself.
  • Amethyst also helps you to turn inward and stay close to who you are.
  • Pyrite, the “Stone of Luck”, is an excellent match for the enthusiastic nature of extroverts as it is a boost of fiery power that makes you feel confident and empowered. 


Are You an Emotional Person?

  • Green fluorite helps you get your thoughts together and bring order to the chaos inside your head.
  • Aquamarine gives you courage when you’re oversensitive and feeling paralyzed.
  • Being a warrior stone, Hematite has this intuitive knowledge that teaches us exactly how to tap into our sense of survival. 


Are You a Rational Person?

  • Rose quartz is the crystal for you, to bring you closer to your emotions and your heart.
  • Amazonite offers flow, inspiration, and softening.
  • Pink tourmaline opens your heart to love and brings emotional healing.


Are You an Optimist?

  • Citrine promotes optimism and encourages joy, good fortune, energy and vitality and is often associated with prosperity, success and abundance. Who doesn’t want more of that?
  • Strong dynamic Tiger Eyebuilds confidence, courage and clear thinking and brings optimism in all areas.
  • There is nothing quite like the joy of a young child and some extraordinary lookingDalmatian Jasper can help to bring childlike joy and playfulness into your life.


Are You a Pessimist?

  • Smoky quartz drives away fear and negativity and helps you keep your thoughts calm and positive.
  • Labradorite is regarded as a magical stone that can help bring about change. It also protects you from negative influences.
  • Citrine brings you joy and bliss, so you’ll be able to cope better with daily life.


Do you suffer from Depression or Anxiety ?

  • Carnelian has the power to help you make positive changes. Its bold energy and warmth reduces anxiety, shreds fatigue, and promotes feelings of passion and courage.
  • Lepidolite another one of our favorite crystals for depression because it is a stone of transition, helping us embrace change and transformation so that we can confidence
  • Tigers Eye is also a powerful stone, giving you the confidence and energy we need to overcome our obstacles, balance our extremes, and strengthen our relationships.

Do you suffer from Anger and Irritability?

  • Lapis lazuli, a Stone of Awareness, helps you to remain calm during anger-inducing conversations.
  • Smokey quartz is an excellent stone for anger, as it dissolves emotional blockages and helps you to let go of feelings of mistrust, resentment and other negative emotions that hold you back from ‘seeing’ the truth.
  • We all find it hard to remain compassionate towards people who we feel are overstepping boundaries or being rude. Feelings of anger make it almost impossible to solve a situation, however, Rhodonite reveals why the other person might be feeling this way.



Do You Need Some More Help with Choosing a Crystal?  Email me at so that I can help you select which crystal best suits you.