Full Moon Rituals


Full moon is one of the most magical and powerful moon phases.  It is a wonderful time to pause and check in with yourself, purge anything that does not serve you, let go, and make space for the new. Here are some full moon rituals to harness this beautiful new energy into your life.

Charging Crystals Ceremony 

The light of the full moon is the best time to re-charge your crystals. Wash your crystals under running water and then place them outside in the moonlight to purify them and strengthen their energy. Crystals absorb the energy, both good and bad, of people and places, electronics etc. It is so important to regularly cleanse your crystals, especially the crystals you wear on your body.

I'm sure you've all experienced how the full moon has some unexplainable and invisible power that can move our emotions and speed up the process of manifesting our dreams.  For this reason, it is important to repeat positive affirmations during the full moon.   

Mantra:  “I release the need for those things in my life that are not serving my purpose or higher self.  I am not afraid to let go.  In their place I receive an abundance of love, peace, joy and compassion.” 

Our divine full moon crystal box set includes:

  • Moon Stone :  supports growth and strength
  • Clear Quartz :  promotes divine communication, clarity and healing  
  • Black Obsidian :  absorbs our fears
  • Amethyst :  aids in spiritual support, protection and supports abundance
  • Selenite :  powerful cleansing tool to clear, protect and shield your energy 


Cleansing Ceremony 

The full moon is the high point of the lunar cycle when the moon is closest to the earth and its cleansing energy can be felt full beam! Take time out of your day to put clean, fresh bedsheets on your bed, declutter your space, water your indoor plants, wipe surfaces clean, open the windows and let fresh air in, and then burn some incense or sage in a smudging ceremony.


Smudging Ceremony

Smudging is an ancient cleansing ceremony and spiritual ritual practiced in every corner of the world by our ancestors.  It involves burning sacred herbs and walking the smoke to all corners of your home to purify the air. Our premium white sage is best used for its purifying qualities, as is our Palo Santo- a premium grade product sustainably gathered from the forest floors of Peru, South America.


Bathing Ceremony

We highly recommend running yourself a hot bath with a good amount of Epsom salts or Magnesium Bath Salts to release your muscles and relax yourself.  Another option is to bath in the moonlight in either the ocean or freshwater, as this is a wonderful way to connect yourself with nature and the energy of the full moon.