Creating a crystal altar at home

Altars have been used for hundreds of years around the world and in many different religions and cultures.  An altar is merely a dedicated space to place your crystals and becomes a focus point for rituals, mindfulness, meditation, and manifestations. 

Your altar space can be a small side table or shelf or even an entire room.  If you have children or animals, maybe your altar can be in a private area of your home as it should be a peaceful space that you feel comfortable to set intentions and conduct your rituals.  Once you establish your altar, gather things that bring you joy, harmony, peace, and centering such as:

  • Crystals (big, small, tumbled, rough- there is no rules!)
  • Himalayan Salt lamp
  • Candles
  • Abalone Shell
  • White Sage or Palo Santo
  • Statues
  • Oracle Cards
  • Plants
  • Eye Mask
  • A sign to keep away intruders (ie children, husbands and pets)

The main thing to consider when creating an altar is the purpose of your altar.  What is your intention?  Do you want to manifest something, do you want to create a morning ritual, do you want to create more peace in your life, do you want to attract a partner or do you want a beautiful place where you an meditate?  Once you set your intention, then choose the items that best help to support your intention. 

An altar space is a personal area that we don’t have to share with other people. If you do decide to invite someone in, be sure to cleanse it with sage or palo santo when they leave.

Whatever kind of altar space you decide to create, just remember to create it for YOU.