Celebs and Crystals

Crystals are famous - or infamous, depending on who you ask - for their many powers.

Whether you are a firm believer that their power comes directly from the spirit of the earth, simply from our psychology through placebo, a mix of both, or something totally different, crystals can be a powerful tool. 

They soothe anxiety, help with stress, calm our digestion, benefit our communication, make us kinder, aid in love, and so much more.  

There is no denying that crystals have become increasingly trendy of late, in part because Hollywood royalty is completely obsessed with their magical healing powers.

Both Bella Hadid and Kylie Jenner have shared snaps of their crystal collections on Instagram.   Kate Hudson and Victoria Beckham keep them in their homes. Katy Perry once credited her inability to stay single to crystals ("I carry a lot of rose quartz, which attracts the male - maybe I need to calm it down."). Self-proclaimed crystal lover Jenna Dewan created a video guide to walk fans through her collection. Miranda Kerr is such a proponent of their "healing powers" that she infuses crystals into every product in her Kora Organics line. Even Adele is a believer: the singer blames the "most disastrous performance" of her life on misplaced crystals.

Hey if it works for the celebs don’t be afraid to try different crystals and different rituals to get that perfect balance in your life !