5 ways crystals can boost your mood

How are you feeling now? Tired? Confused? Overwhelmed? Anxious? Given the turmoil that so many have experienced throughout the world in the past few years, now is the time for you to bring your life into balance. 

We have carefully curated crystal sets that can help shift your mood and energy.  With their strong energetic vibrations and healing energies, incorporating crystals within your life can help dispel some of the negative emotions you might be feeling, reigniting your sense of balance, vitality, creativity, and self-love.

Here are some of our favourite crystal box sets and towers that will help you bring your life into balance this year and beyond.


1.  Reduce Stress and Tension

Open your heart and relieve yourself or your loved one of all sorts of tension and stress with our divine Stress Release and Calmness crystal kit.  This carefully curated box will provide you with guidance, protection, and healing, and this is exactly what you need and deserve in your life right now.    How these crystals will help you: 
  • Blue Calcite: soothes frayed nerves and lessens worries and aids in clearing negative emotions
  • Selenite: powerful cleansing tool to clear, protect and shield your energy body
  • Black Tourmaline:  provides a protective shield and helps with healing and cleansing
  • Lepidolite: carries positive energy and is excellent for alleviating depression and helps break old patterns
  • Rose Quartz: carries gentle, soothing energies that help to calm your emotions and rejuvenate your emotional body.  


2. Support Sleep and Relaxation

Our carefully curated Sleep and Relaxation crystal kit will play a vital role in supporting a nourishing sleep and your overall health and spiritual well-being.   These divine crystals will also help protect your mental and physical health, and your quality of life as there is nothing more important than a good night’s sleep.  How these crystals will help you:   

  • Amethyst: aids in spiritual support protection and companion
  • Lepidolite:  stablise your mood and reduce stress
  • Clear Quartz:  promotes healing and clarity
  • Hematite:  is grounding and harmonising
  • Angelite:  supports mental balance, relaxation and deep sleep.


3. Create a sense of purpose

It’s hard to find a sense of purpose with everything that is going on in the world. If you’re feeling flat and demotivated, citrine is the crystal for you. It has the power to cleanse, regenerate, and boost your creativity.   Citrine is one of the most powerful stones and our divine citrine towers can help boost your joy and optimism, giving you motivation you need to accomplish your goals.  Citrine infuses your spirit with positive energy, which is a powerful tool when manifesting wealth or any other creation.


4. Restore peace and clarity

Are you feeling angry or losing your patients lately ?  Surround yourself with Howlite which is a grounding stone that brings a deep inner healing, reduces anxiety, stress and insomnia.   

Howlite calms an overactive mind and calms the nervous system to assist with meditation and spiritual connection.  It is like a long cool drink on a scorching day. It is a stone that shows us that taking a moment to consider all angles before responding can often lead to better outcomes.

Howlite wants you to be gentle in your own soul, life is tough at times, and we all get led by our emotions before we have the chance to take a deep breath. 


5. Turn loneliness into self-love

Being alone right now is incredibly challenging. If you are alone or feeling lonely, now is the time to invest in yourself.  Our crystal bundle was carefully curated to uplift your mood, boost your self-esteem, and raise your vibrations.  It is about empowering your self-worth, embracing your basic need for nurture and some much-needed timeout for yourself.   

These divine self-love and care crystal kit will also aid in stress relief and the dissipation of negative, toxic, and self-limiting thought patterns.  This kit includes:

  • Smokey Quartz : will help alleviate depression and clear blocked negative energy on all levels
  • Sodalite: balances the metabolism and cleanses the lymphatic system, reducing inflammation and boosting immunity
  • White Sage:  protects your body and space
  • Agate Occur:  soothes and calms, healing inner anger or tension and creating a sense of security and safety.